I wrote this post to help eliminate any guesswork to getting your very first couple of followers on Pinterest.

I’ll share with you my personal method of getting guaranteed followers that will actively engage with your content and pins without asking.

Learn this insanely simple method to getting highly engaged Pinterest followers who will share your content like crazy!

I have to do this every single time I start a new blog…

Every time I create a new blog, I am starting from scratch just like you.

So if you’re reading this post, I know exactly what you’re going through.

But before we focus on getting followers to your Pinterest profile are you sure that it’s optimized for traffic and visitors?

If not, then you should definitely check out this post to make sure that you’re not missing any of the 5 key elements for the perfect profile.

Getting followers on Pinterest can be tricky…

Now, you may feel confused or frustrated because no one is really telling you how to get followers the smart and easy way.

However, after doing my method several times over I’m able to attract new followers to my Pinterest account in just a few hours.

This process is so incredibly simple that anyone could do it.

So, don’t go wasting your money on some lame company that promises to get you followers until after you read this post.

I paid for fake followers and it was a huge mistake. 

When I was a budding blogger, I fell victim to a particular company that promised to get me real followers. I followed along thinking that it would save time and be easier for me.

However, they ended up following a whole bunch of random people that were not engaged with my content at all.

So, I basically paid them for fake followers and not get the results that I was expecting.

The results that I wanted was to get engaged followers who would actually visit my website and share my content.

If they are not doing that, then I don’t want them!

This is how I find the perfect followers…

I want followers who are active on Pinterest not someone’s Grandma who completely forgot that she even had an account.

There are only 2 kinds of followers that I look for and they are:

  1. Bloggers just like me. 
  2. Followers of well-known brands in my niche.

Believe it or not, bloggers are the bread and butter of Pinterest and without them, the entire platform would cease to exist.

Most bloggers that use Pinterest know that reciprocation is the name of the game especially if they  want to maximize exposure of their own pins, so to make that happen we all know that you have to share other people’s content!

So, every single time I create a new blog the very first people that I follow are other bloggers in my niche!

Next I target engaged followers of big name brands or companies that produce content within my niche as well.

For example, I have a fairly new personal finance blog where I write about money saving tips, work from home jobs, etc.

I would find the Pinterest profile of someone who produces similar content, such as Dave Ramesy, and follow 5-10 of his followers a day.

Learn how to find Pinterest followers that will actually follow you back!


Now, I don’t just go following people all willy nilly but I always look for a certain type of person to follow and they must meet this simple criteria.

These are the only kind of people that I follow…

The people that I follow must meet these two criteria:

  1. They must have a profile picture
  2. They must have pinned content within the last 1-2 days.

These two things tell me that this person is an active and highly engaged Pinterest user so if I follow them chances are that they will follow me back.

For me this method has been the single most efficient way to ensure that I build a super targeted following of people who’ll actually want to read and repin my content on Pinterest.

Here’s proof that this method works…

For one of my new blogs you can see the increase of followers in a 30 day span and how many times my content has been repinned since I created the profile.

I followed the method that I taught you in this article to get my first 100 followers and these are the results that I am currently receiving without actually being active on Pinterest daily.

If you want to save time, this is what you should do…

I’m all for maximizing time so if you have the money definitely hire a person to do this for you and not some company that’s just going to fill your account with inactive followers.

If you’re not able to hire someone and would rather do it yourself, I would recommend dedicating about 15-20 minutes of your work day to follow this method and get the results that you need.

So, hurry back to your Pinterest account and give this method a try!

Feel free to leave any comments below. If you found this post useful, please share with a friend 🙂